3D Wallpaper

I saw an article in the Vancouver Sun last weekend and finally got around to checking out Tracy Kendall. She makes the most amazing 3D wallpaper. Actually, I’ve never seen 3D wallpaper before, so lets go back and say she makes the most amazing wallpaper. Period. I’m so inspired to start gluing stuff all over my walls right now, it’s all I can do to not stop writing this and run and get the glue! Kendall’s wallpaper is sold in sheets 3.5 m high by 55 cm wide and can “take up to 6 weeks to complete” 5 sheets of it. Can you imagine hand sewing buttons, puzzle pieces or sequins onto sheets of wallpaper? Yikes! But I can see that it’s worth it for her, the wallpaper is pricey but it would definitely bring your room from drab to upscale in no time. Although, I would choose carefully what walls I would cover, I can see how the walls could become overbearing and take over the room. The buttons are my favourite, there could be so many different textures and looks you could achieve by using wooden, matte, shiny or multi-coloured buttons!


 But how about that, walls as the center piece of attention in a room. Tres dandy!

Check her out at www.tracykendall.com

 Puzzle Pieces

Stiched Sequin Lines

White Room

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  1. kirit says:

    Great Post Ilke Your Post Very much .Keep it up .thnkx for sahre with us

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