Lorenzo Petrantoni

I was organizing some papers in my chaotic filing cabinet/shelf in my basement when I came across a Newsweek magazine cover from December. I remember walking past this cover multiple times and finally stopping to buy it; not becuase I read Newsweek but because if every cover looked like this I would. A black and white photo of Obama is featured amongst very carefully placed chaos, not unlike my own shelf.


On second though, maybe I wouldn’t read more Newsweeks, but I would certainly buy them if Lorenza Petrantoni illustrated them. After googling him, I was amazed at the amount of movement achieved by such static, over packed glyphs. Such attention to detail is paid in both illustrating and placing the old fashioned looking objects and juxtaposing them with bold, sans serif words or modern people such as Obama. I can only dream to be this dandy one day.



New York Legs

Does this New York one look like legs to anyone else?


Petrantoni Statua

Possibly my favourite illustration of Petrantoni’s. This would take your breath away at large scale, I imagine it taking up an entire wall in a gallery and just being consumed by the the dots and circles and how they form such straight lines with such speed; like a space shuttle taking flight. How did he know it would fit so well with a stoic figure?

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