Typography on TV

I’ve been noticing a lot more TV commercials with emphasis on big, bold, animated typography to get their statement across to the world. I’m not surprised in this turn, but very pleased. Some ads with fun typography that have come to my attention are Ford’s employee pricing commercials with sans serif words slamming into the screen and then moving upwards or to the side to make room for the next until that statement is complete and they start over. The trucks are in the background but they are not the attraction, the type is. This is smart, it’s getting people to focus in on the financing options available, cash back, and saving money; all words that look very enticing these days. Another company I’ve noticed is Shaw’s saving money is cool commercials. With “3D” type coming out from the center and creating a t-shirt design kind of look to the picture on screen and the flipping around to another statement or set of words that move around until a statement is formed. Again, people are focusing in on words like 50% faster than fast, low price, saving money is cool. These commercials seem to be young adult centered, people in their early 20s moving out for the first time, young couples, etc; people that are still drawn to graphic T-shirts. The big bummer is that I can’t find examples of these on the web to post. What I did find however was a very dandy, very hand rendered website from Huggies Diapers. Huggie’s has commercials out right now with a cardboard background in some frames with “3D” type that seems hand rendered but not childishly written on the cardboard advertising the Potty Project and they have a website they want you to visit. I want you to visit it too! Here’s a few screen captures from the site that make me smile.

Huggies Screen Shot

bye-bye Diapers

Big Kid

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