Ted Harrison

Although Ted Harrison is not strictly a children’s book author I’m including him as number 3 in my search because he is just that dandy! Ted Harrison is an author, illustrator and painter of amazing Yukon inspired scenes. His books include A Northern Alphabet, The Cremation of Sam McGee, Children of the Yukon and many more. His bright colours and heavy outlines create a sort of whimsical feeling to all his paintings. I remember reading The Cremation of Sam McGee as a kid and am probably even more blown away by it now as an adult. The bold, unusual use of colours suck you in and make you contemplate moving to such a cold and snowy place like the Yukon if just to catch a glimpse of the colours Harrison has pulled from the northern nature, as if the sun is only there to light up the aurora borealis lamp shade covering the top of North America.

The Cremation of Sam McGee

Candle Night Poster

Walking Alone



Whale Frolic

Check out more from his gallery at www.tedharrison.ca

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One thought on “Ted Harrison

  1. Tania says:

    Did you know that a biography has just been released on Ted Harrison? The book is called Ted Harrison: Painting Paradise and it celebrates Ted Harrison as one of Canada’s most beloved artists. This first-ever biography, drawn from unpublished letters, notes and documents, gives a complete and knowing portrait of one of our country’s most esteemed national treasures. For more inforamtion go to http://www.tedharrisonbiography.com

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