Coors Light Summer Campaign

A few months ago I started noticing some cheeky ads from Coors light. The first one that caught my attention said in bold letters on the side of a Coors Light can “Colder than a certain unemployed ranger”, being a Kokanee drinker myself I thought this wasn’t right. Then I saw a Coors Light can stating that it was “The venti of ice cold beers” this one got my attention because I was working for Starbucks at the time. It was then that I realized they were brilliant billboards. Using the consumers knowledge about other products- even competitors products and turning this knowledge against them. You only understood the ads if you knew about the other products first, but it makes you think about Coors even if it’s in a bad way. I didn’t like that they were making fun of the Kokanee ranger but I did tell lots of people about it. And once I saw these two ads, I started noticing them all over the place with quotes that were even cheekier even either played off of other products, or played off scenarios that probably have happened to a friend of yours. Slogans like “Colder than Jenn when you called her Susan” and “Colder than an NHL franchise in Hamilton”.  the brilliant people at Coors decided to have some more fun with their slogans and get their consumers to finish the line “Colder than…” If you log onto www.coorslight.cayou can make up your own slogan or vote for other peoples. Of course after this,  it was the controversial “Colder than people in Toronto” billboards. To me, these ads were of the same caliber as the others ones, just this time a whole city took offense. But really, if the Starbucks and Kokanee ads were funny to you, you shouldn’t have any quams about people making fun of you. Tit for tat. Any even though Coors eventually took down all the Toronto-offending ads, they got a ton of free advertising from the media. So cheers to Coors, and one hell of a dandy ad campaign.

Coors had always had cheeky ads, so why the fuss now? Take a laugh at a few from over the years…

dont shrink

dance with girlfriend

people from toronto

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