Starbucks Ads

The new Starbucks ads do not seem typical Starbucks to me at all. They have a textured background and look like they have been screen printed onto the material using limited colours. The background is very fitting because it is the right texture of a burlap sack, which coffee beans were traditionally bagged and shipped in. The images and text are obviously not actually screen printed on the burlap but just Photoshopped in which is how they can achieve the sharp, crisp lines but they have done a nice job of faking it, seeing the texture through the letters. The only thing that really bothers me is that some elements haven’t even been fake printed, they’re just small images that are smacked right on top without any further consideration; the faritrade logo below for instance. I can see the need to want to get the logos recognizable and keep the integrity of them however, the Starbucks logo is so recognizable that I think making it seem more like it was screen printed onto the bumpy material would be so much more natural and not at all hard to interpret. The logos are the eyesore of an otherwise dandy looking ad.


This latest look to the Starbucks print material works well into their new “shared planet” earth friendly scheme but the sayings printed onto the ads juxtapose this friendly nature. Very edgy for a company that prides themselves on the fact that the customer is always right. I like the edge, it just seems way off norm for the usual Starbucks look and feel of their stores, products and advertising. The ad below is maybe more egotistical than edgy.

Cheap Coffee

Egotistical yes, but at least this one ties in with the nature of any coffee to leave an after taste:



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