I came across a piece of cardboard that caught my eye on ffffound today and followed the link to this amazing website. It’s this guy’s blog totally and utterly devoted to each day posting a piece of cardboard with a love note on it. The notes are aimed at his love but a lot of them are general enough to apply to anyone’s love. It just made me smile to think that he has someone that makes him “not afraid to be lame” and proclaim his love for her in cheesey-romantic ways. In fact, I’m sending one of his pieces of cardboard right now, and I think everytime I feel blah, I’m going to go to to get a boost of happiness.

This was the one that caught my eye:


These ones just make me smile:




This one is my favourite:


I hope these put a smile on your face and brightened your day, even if you day didn’t need brightening! 🙂

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