Shameless Plug

Just a quick note to brag for my friend GG who finally broke away from the default stock template of her website! I think her new website is absolutely adorable and perfect for the identity of her company Crempuff by GG. Creampuffs are girlie boxer shorts that are worn under dresses and skirts or as pajamas and lounge wear around the house. The product is very innovative and very cute. They’re shear and breathable with a frilly trim, cute little bow and tons of different patterns. I own purple polka dot Creampuffs and they were fabulous under my dress when I went to Vegas this summer not to mention perfect for the plane as I have a habit of sitting cross legged, so I’m sure the people across the aisle were glad for the Creampuffs underneath my dress! The website is in your face pink everywhere with cute little pig detailing. And here’s the plug, I designed the little piggy logo for GG. As for the rest of the website, I believe it goes with the whole identity package GG and I came up with and discussed so long ago. The soft, rounded corners of the frame fit into the identity of the soft, feminine product while the pin-up artwork adds a little ass kicking sexiness. GG by the way re-touches the pin up artwork to make them into her own Creampuff models! Very dandy, and if you want to check them out in person, go to Portobello West Fashion and Art Market at the Rocky Mountanier Station on the last Sunday of every month. Admission is only $2 and it’s absolutely worth it. There are so many talented Canadian designers inside that you can check out and buy their stuff. They have everything from clothing to painting to jewelery to chocolate! And of course, check out the Creampuff website, .


And a little bit more bragging on my part, there is a pin up themed product photo shoot I directed that you can check out on my website, Here’s a peek.


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