SNURK Studio

I just found the most amazing bedding ever. The comforter and pillow set that caught my eye looked like cardboard and I thought the photo I was looking at had been photoshopped, it just looked so real. I followed the links around and found Snurk Studio in Holland which is a bedding company. This particular series is called the bum collection and however un-PC that is, the project is as amazing as the sheets look. The idea is to be reminded of the daily plight of the world’s homeless and proceeds from the sale of these duvet sets will aid homeless shelters around the globe and bring new awareness to one of the oldest issues that plagues humanity.

on the street

cardboard comforter set

in the bedroom

concrete sheets

I’m not sure if I would actually want these in my bedroom. Maybe a guest bedroom, it would be a great joke set to give to any couch surfing “bum” friends you have! Whether you want to sleep on them or not, they are very innovative and took a lot of creativity and definitely deserve the very dandy seal of approval! Snurk which actually means snore in dutch has quite a few very interesting collections that I would consider having in my bedroom. I really like what they call the white laundry series, but it has been suggested to me that my room is dirty enough that I don’t need to add these sheets to them. But I’m still thinking about it…

white laundry sheet_shirt

white laundry_robe

white laundry_bra

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