Robert Mars

I’m not a big car person. If it was easier to get around using public transportation I wouldn’t even own a car. Speaking of my car, it’s the only car that I can tell you what it is besides a colour. If you must know I own a plymouth sundance, probably born before I was and with burgundy interiors and exteriors. My mom owns a black car, my boyfriend owns a dark red car, and last night I saw a tan “car car” pull into the driveway. So with this in mind, a car picture caught my attention and now you know that that’s saying a lot. I was intrigued mostly by the media it was made with which lead me to the site of the artist who luckily told me right there how he made his pieces by layering colour, gently collaging newsprint from the 50’s and 60’s and contrasting those with bold black and white imagery. I’m still trying to figure out which parts of his art are painted and which are collaged and I think this is the reason why I’m sucked into so many pictures with damn cars in them! Behind the cars is a noticeably blank skyline. No skyscrapers, no billboards, not even more cars. Sometimes there are carefully places ads from the 50’s collaged into the sky or pasted beside a vintage hotel sign. And I say these ads are carefully placed not because they are old and brittle pieces of paper but because they are representative of what the piece of landscape Robert Mars has created means to him. Pulled in by past images and kept there by the overwhelming contrast of empty skies in a world where we are bombarding by “things” every minute, things that start to blur into each other so much that the words might as well be floating in a gray concrete sky.

welcome to las vegas

five on the floor

glitter gulch

how good it is


rare pleasure

Please check out more dandy pieces at

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