Dawn Saves Wildlife?

So I have a bottle of Dawn soap that says 1 Bottle can = $1.00 to Save Wildlife and I’m thinking yay us! We bought environmentally conscious soap! But then I realize the bottle doesn’t say “buy this and we’ll give a dollar to the wildlife” it says it “can” as in it has the possibility. apparently they don’t just give money away to a good cause, you have to do more than just choose to buy their brand over others, you have to go online and activate the code. At first I was upset but now I’m not sure. Does going online to activate the $1 donation mean Dawn doesn’t want to help or is it making sure the people who bought those special bottles really care? Maybe it’s actually smart and makes the smart consumers who follow through, and read into what they are purchasing, maybe it makes these people go online and forces them to read more about what they are actually donating to. Maybe this makes the average consumer more committed to the project. I’m not sure, but I don’t think I’m mad that I had to spend an extra 30 seconds to activate a code anymore. And besides, the little animal cut-out coupons are actually quite cute. I might even call them dandy…

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One thought on “Dawn Saves Wildlife?

  1. GG Endean says:

    Hiya – I’m a big wildlife (saving) fan and Dawn (using) fan so looked this up on their website. It’s true you have to go to their site to make the donation – you just have to quote the product code. EASY! PLUS – it’s free and your donation is actually $3 in Canada, not $1. So it’s a good thing. Check it out – BC is way lagging behind in donations compared to other provinces and indiv US states. Let’s get ‘er done people! We have priceless wilderness and wildlife that need our stewardship!

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