Christmas Window Paintings

I was asked to paint a christmas scene on the windows of cell phone dealer and to get some inspiration I decided to google some unique window paintings. I was severely disappointed with the lack of creativity of these window painters! So then I started taking notice of all the paintings around town and found the same boring Santa’s, mistle toe and wreaths painted on windows everywhere.

I ended up painting Santa excited to look down at his blackberry and see Mrs.Claus calling him. Rudolph was beside him looking down at a wishlist that included phones like BlackBerry and Hero as well as Telus TV.

Here are a couple holiday paintings that I thought took some dandy creativity.

The first two aren’t necessarily creative imagery, the style is just unique.

This next one seems plain enough, but Santa is wearing a visitor’s pass to the place whose window he’s painted on.

This next one was obviously painted on a travel agency.

And this last one is the most original in my opinion, painted on a music store.

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