More Window Paintings

I was recently waiting outside the Sevenoaks Shopping Centre in the freezing cold, for a very long amount of time…or so it seemed. Of course, my eyes wandered around as I tried to brace myself against the wind and I noticed the window paintings across the glass doors that led into the much warmer mall. The style was very nice, casual, flowing but still with a great deal of detail. was painted underneath a couple of the ribbons so I looked them up and came across some very creative window paintings! Yay! Enjoy!

These were on a Dr.’s office:

Fountain Tire:

Just Ink Services:

I’m not sure what baseball has to do with Minuteman Press but it’s a nice scene anyways:

Riverside Golf:

Tim Hortons:

And my favourite, at Chevron:

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4 thoughts on “More Window Paintings

  1. Hello! – I’m the owner of The Graphic Garden, and just came across your site here with samples of our work! – Cool. Thanks for your positive feedback!


  2. This link was recently sent to me from Just Ink Services… asking if I had seen this random promo of our work… I have, and happy it surfaces a year & a half later! I always appreciate word of mouth advertising! – thanks again!

    • verydandy says:

      No problem Carrie, gotta give credit where it’s due! Thank you for standing out in the sea of never ending Christmas window paintings!

      • carrie says:

        Anytime! (that’s always our goal) 🙂
        Keep an eye out for year round work too!
        – as well as logos, (city of abbotsford logo) web & print design!

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