It’s funny how things work. I was having a really awful day, and to keep my mind busy I was surfing google of course. Trying to find myths to stop sneezing I came across a blog by Ward Jenkins in which he wrote about a book entitle The Day The Cow Sneezed. I followed this blog onto his personal website where my day was totally turned around with his illustrations. They are drawn with pen and pencil and then scanned and painted in Photoshop. I really like the organic feel the pencil gives most of his illustrations. Rough and natural, a mix of acrylic and watercolours, my eyes are very drawn to this strange mix of fine arts and computer. It’s so hard to tell the difference these days.

This first one reminds me of Picasso’s Old Guitarist with the broken angle’s and colour palette.

I love the simple way he eliminates white space and makes the piece look complete.

While I was looking throug his online portfolio, many of the images struck me as perfect for a children’s book and then I read his bio…while it seems Ward does many things with his artists talent I was thrilled to discover he is children’s book illustrator!


How To Train With a T-Rex And Win 8 Gold Medals was written by none other than 8xGold Medalist Michael Phelps and Alan Abrahamson. The illustrations are so charming  they tell the story without need for the words along side them. Ward is expecting his second book out in 2011, I can’t wait!

Ward Jenkins has some great fine art as well so check out his website at http://www.wardjenkins.com .

Ward is also one of the contributors to Drawn!, the popular multi-author blog devoted to art, comics, illustration & animation. Check it out at www.drawn.ca .

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