I wish I was a student…

Sometimes I wish I was still a student getting yelled at for being too close to the box. Get out! Get out! Add bling, make your packaging not only a necklace but one that is 3 meters tall, add real feathers to your condo identity! And yes, these are all things I was told to do and did do by one of those teachers you love to hate, so mean, so critical and just the right person to push you to your best ideas.

Here are some great student spotlights I found on the dieline.

Noah Love took a very popular idea of speakeasy and prohibition and came up with a cool design. The eyes are cute and cartoony but not childish. This would fly off the shelves! Check out his website at www.noahlove.nl

Next is Denise Franke whose packaging simple but with really clever text and great imagery. www.dfact.de

The last one is super simple, but the actual package is great. No the label, but the container. B Simple. B Clever. I couldn’t find a portfolio site, theDieline just said Julian Baker.

But then I found Yoav Kotik and realized some people get to live outside of the box even after design school. This guy’s entire life is playing with bottle caps and making them into the most posh recycled jewelry I have every seen. Ok, maybe the great photography with the models helps the posh thing but seriously! There are bracelets, earings, necklaces, brooches, cufflinks! Definitely check out his website at http://www.kotik-design.com/

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