Is girlie an insult?

When I was in school I was very upset when someone told me my designs were girlie. I didn’t want to be girlie, I wanted to be cool, unique, creative, weird…anything but girlie. And then I slowly came to this realization that being girlie wasn’t necessarily an insult. And is it really a hindrance? I mean would I be hired to create a brand marketed towards guys? Or would they choose a guy with equal talents just because he was the target audience. Probably the latter. So why can’t I be girlie and be the best candidate to market girlie products?

So I came up with this plan to make t-shirts proclaiming my girlie-ness. I know a lot of women who wouldn’t be considered girlie but every once and a while love to dress up, put on some make-up, a little pink dress, maybe some pearls. No one said you can’t kick some butt during the day and fight with the big boys while doing it in lace, frills and mascara. So this is the original drawing I came up with.

And that’s basically as far as it went, but it made me feel better about being called girlie. Then I discovered Marguerite Sauvage and her super girlie fashion and flower women illustrations. These illustration have brilliant colour and movement that almost make you want to dance, or maybe shop. They feel so sunny and turn this rain we have outside into prospective summer! Check out more of Marguerite’s illustrations at .

This last image reminded me that I had unfinished rainbows and butterflies to get back to.

And here’s the final product:

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