The Essence of Pan

When brain storming I was taught to get down to the very essence of the subject. What is it that makes that thing what it is. What is the most significant feature? It’s easy to pick out what isn’t unique to one object, but what is entirely different? And is it really different or has society tunnel vision-ed our sight?

I bring this up because I have been monitoring the Picture Book Blog which has 15 amazing illustrators submit a drawing once a week for a book of their choice. The blog is a must see at . But what caught my attention was Will Bryant’s “ridiculous interpretation of Peter Pan”. Those are his words because I would never describe this drawing as ridiculous. It is THE essence of Peter Pan. It’s a goofy drawing yes, but what else do you need to represent Pan? It’s his green hat that does it,  maybe the green shoes that match but definitely the hat. I can’t wait to see his interpretation of Tinkerbell, she certainly has the long legs of his drawings!

And the final drawings submitted to the Picture Book Report, the cover and first page. Check out more work by Will Bryant at .

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