Creative Resume

I was just asked to design a course completion certificate. I informed my prospective client that there are Word templates of certificates as well as different online resources with free certificates. Being that they still want to go ahead and hire me for the job, I have to assume they want something more interesting than the generic variety that you can get for free. Now how do you even begin to get inspiration for something that has essentially looked the same since the dawn of education? Intricate border printed in a mutual tone, black heavy gothic type, and all of it printed on a nice piece of beige paper. Boring!  So what will still look professional while still being unique? And why aren’t art schools or graphic design schools handing out creative looking diplomas?

And then I remembered an awesome resume I once saw and it gave me hope. Resumes have also looked the same since the dawn of jobs. Sure, sure we all got taught how to make one look more professional than that other one. But what really makes it stand out for the human resources person sorting through them? Do you think they really have time to check out your leading and typeface choices? Or are they looking for your GPA and notable past jobs?

This one would stand out, and would probably get an interview even if it didn’t have work experience or a boring certificate from a fancy design school.

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