How to Make Books Books

I once bought a book on how to make books. It was by Esther K. Smith of the Purgatory Pie Press and it is probably the single most source of inspiration I own. I used to go to bed at night with this book, my own notebook and a pen. Yes I woke up with my lamp on, pen scribbles on my sheets and undecipherable notes sometimes but I also came up with some fantastic ideas. I have yet to make my own book, but interesting hand-made books inspire great projects that have nothing to do with books. More project from the Pie Press can be found at .

A ragged edge of a fabric book inspired wine labels. I only have sketches, but obviously fabric is used in my wine labels (Pictures will be posted hopefully soon). I have always wanted to make this business card holder pocket accordion book, and I think this may have started my business card collection. Although, I might have started the collection before I saw the book and that’s why I wanted to make it so much. Either way, at this point I’d have to make the world’s biggest accordion book in history to accommodate all the business cards I have acquired now. Another great book included in this book was an envelope book, made of the big yellow inter-office envelopes, with personal notations and scribbles giving character to the front! I wouldn’t have access to these kinds of envelopes unless I broke into an office building…if only people still hand wrote mail to me.

Today I found the Super Dilettante hand-made journals! I think I’m in love! Carolee is the Super Dilettante and she makes custom, hand-made journals for herself and for profit. The journals are made of various recycled materials and have inspired my own form of journal. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to making one, but the creative thought is there at the very least. A sketch and some notations have been made in my boring store-bought journal. See more of her fabulous journals at .

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