Bottled Water

I’m pretty sure there has always been people pushing tap water over store-bought bottled water, and of course this hype has been super-sized ever since we as a people decided it was cool to be environmentally friendly. Whatever the reason, or the time I think it’s worthwhile, even if just for the designs that come out of it. So first I have to show the one bottle of water that I bought and never drank. It is sitting in my garage along with all the other stuff from school that I don’t know what to do with anymore. They were stacked up on top of each other in a glorious frosted, crystalized iceberg! Of course on its own it’s a bit of a let down as are all the pictures I found of it on the internet. But just imagine…

And while we’re talking about Evian, let’s talk about the Roller Babies! One of the best commercials I have seen in a while. It’s hilarious and doesn’t really make that much sense but it makes you remember Evian–and that’s really the point isn’t it?

 Ok seriously now, there are some nicely illustrated posters I’ve seen around advertising tap water over bottled water. Clean, simple and gets straight to the point.

And even if they aren’t all that simple the graphics can really help you along.

Of course not all bottled water is bad. You can bottle your own tap water and that makes everyone happy. The Water Bobble is interesting to me simply because it’s black and how many people do you know that want black water? It doesn’t seem to fit the clean, clear fresh ideas that you want with your water. But it comes with a filter which is the coloured part and most importantly it photographs wonderfully!

So I’m catching a theme here, if you’re going to bottle your own water the bottle should come with a filter. Hmmm?… 321 Water has a very unique looking filter which could trick you into thinking you’re drinking glacier fresh water instead of that regular stuff that came out of your tap.

And last but not least, a water bottle for fine dining! It’s really genius and bold. Not  hiding the fact that this fancy dinner party is serving you that tap stuff again!

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3 thoughts on “Bottled Water

  1. maren says:

    I stumbled upon your blog this morning, and was so impressed with your eye for design! I love the wine bottles with trashcans on them; bizarre yet somehow exquisite. I’ve bookmarked your page so that your finds will continue to inspire me =)

  2. Lucy barnes says:

    Hello i love all of the pictures …………..
    love lucy xxx

  3. Lucy barnes says:


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