Playoff Hair

It’s playoff season and every Canadian man is sporting his playoff beard in support of his team. I’ve met a few travellers lately who can’t seem to comprehend the need for a hockey flag attached to each and every window of your car, or the hockey sticks flying a flag out a window or front door, and who especially don’t get the facial hair thing. I found a great Molson ad that probably explains it the best.

How better can you describe it than as simply being a Canadian thing? Of course the actual players have beards as well…or at least those old enough do. Patrick Kane and Jonathon Towes of course being among those who only wish they were manly enough to have beards like these.

 But don’t count them out yet, Patrick seems to think wherever you grow your extra hair it counts.

So if a mullet counts for the younger men, shouldn’t there be a playoff beard substitute for women?…

Oh yes, here it is! Introducing the playoff legs for women! Enjoy!

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