It was only a matter of time before I turned my obsession with wine labels into something productive!

There is a lonely but giant grape-vine in my backyard that was once dubbed as unusable, so for many years it’s only purpose was to give our Greek, back door neighbour something to make her dolmades out of. My ambitious boyfriend and I decided one summer to make the grapes a useful source of drinking. This first attempt only garnered us vinegar and we’re still waiting for that to be useful. The second attempt was much more successful and with the help of a friend we even got our vine producing more than 3 times the amount of vinegar grapes we had the year previous. Ok, so we had lots of grapes–we still had to harvest them and make wine. The harvesting process showed us why vineyards are made out of acres of short and thin vines instead of a giant bush which is basically what we had to pick through to find not only bunches of grapes but creepy-crawlies of all sorts! We can skip through the next few months of steps with just a short note thanking Ramin and Maria for their helpfulness(sorry for the fruit flies you endured!). And voila, we had our first batch of home-made wine!

Now what goes best with home-made wine? Home-made, hand-painted, hand-stitched labels of course! But this might just be my opinion since my grandmother is perfectly happy with her blank bottles of U-brew wine! But this isn’t just U-brew, it was U-grow, U-pick, U-squish, U-everything! So we practically had to have U-label as well!

But of course there is nothing “had-to” about me and my art! This was definitely a “want-to”. Inspired by the name Diptera, a tiny fruit fly was painted on the textured cloth label and Cabernet Sauvignon coloured yarn was stitched in a crazy and unique flight path on and around the label before eventually heading up the bottle and wrapping around the neck. This flight path is probably a prediction of one’s own walking path if they were to greedily consume the entire 1.5 L wine bottle by themselves.

Scientifically gifted Kasrah came up with the perfect name, Diptera and wrote a fabulously funny description to accompany it. It’s probably important to note here that the backyard vine is situated right next to our pool.

“By the rolling pavement and afternoon sun of the manor, the grapes were grown with delicate hints of chlorine and Dutisch Portanian  essence.  Fueled by passion our winemakers endured countless attacks from the ever present diptera but nevertheless prevailed to bring the best damn wine you’ve ever had (after 4 glasses…).”

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One thought on “Diptera

  1. Victoria says:

    I love your labels – we are in Day 2 of making our own wine and I have started brain storming for our labels, so Thank you for the inspiration!

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