A New Take on Comics

I always read the Sunday Funnies and occasionally I’ll find a humourous one and especially if it pertains to someone I know I’ll cut it up and stick on my fridge. These are the ones on my fridge right now…

This one was for my Gramma.

This was for my mom when she was babysitting 2 dogs for a month(on top of the dog and 2 cats that were originally in the house!).

This one was also for my mom.

Then today I found Kerry Callen’s Comic Crossword–they just go hand in hand don’t they? Or at least they do in the entertainment section of the newspaper. I love how interactive it is, you can read it so many different ways. I can’t imagine how challenging it must have been after a couple of strips! I’m going to have to try this, we’ll see how many strip I can combine before my brain explodes. Check out her blog at http://kerrycallen.blogspot.com/. You’re going to have to click to enlarge and read it properly…

While on Kerry’s blog I found a link to Scott McCloud’s Carl Comics. This is a very interesting approach to comics. The comic strip starts off with two frames and progresses randomly if you click Carl’s head, to increase the story up to 52 frames. Or you can click on a number and get the story in that many frames. For obvious reasons, I’ve only included the starter frames here but go to http://scottmccloud.com/1-webcomics/carl/index.html to check the full or partial story out for yourself! It’s a bit ridiculous by itself but Scott has managed to make it work in an absurd way that adds to the humour.

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