Not So Stellar Jay

With a name like Stellar Jay one might think this particular bird has more brain than some others. Well think again.

I woke up this morning to the most awful squawking ever. Constant, high-pitched, SQUAAAAAAAAAWKING! After just thinking “Shut Up!”, I thought crap-my cat is on the hunt. It’s spring time, easy pickings, there are soon to be feathers all over my room. But nooooo. This stupid stellar jay was taunting my cat. Hopping around the ground just barely out of reach of my twitchy cat. Swooping in off the lawn chairs and bouncing all over the place squawking every time my cat missed him! Fly away you dumb noisy bird, fly away!

P.S. This is the second time this stellar jay has done this, it’s just the first time he woke me up doing it.

So obviously he’s getting cocky. And noisier. With such a big head he’s getting from all these near death experiences you’d think he’d grow a brain to fill it! Soon he’ll just be this story that the other stellar’s will tell their kids about. And even though I’d like him to shut up, I’m not condoning his death, I’m a vegetarian for crying out loud! I just know it’s inevitable, just like it’s inevitable that every cat I own will be a bird/rat/snake eating hunter. At least my last cat didn’t leave them as presents for me, he just ate them and left a few feathers as evidence of his skills.

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