Wild Butt

On Saturday I got into a conversation with friends about how I really just wanted to see a wild bear. The zoo does not count as actually seeing a bear, neither does the time in West Edmonton Mall when I got to hug a super-drugged up bear cub. What a scam.

On Sunday morning I went for a hike down by Pitt Lake and went through the bushy trails instead of the open dike paths, with 3 other people and my dog running up ahead. About 10 minutes into the walk I happened to look up at my dog chasing a rather large, hairy butt down the path. I’m very proud of Maria and I’s first instinct to not scream but rather flatten ourselves against the side of the path. I’m sure this move would have camouflaged us sufficiently if the bear happened to turn and smell lunch! I’m also amazed that my dog came back when I called her instead of trying to play with this other “large dog”.

Needless to say we spent the rest of the hike utterly confusing my dog by randomly clapping, hollering, and whistling to scare off any more potential bears.

Moral of the story is, ask the universe to see a bear in the wild and you shall get a sighting of a bear in the wild, even if it is just a bear butt!

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