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So I’m not a big channel surfer, I have a handful of channels that I watch because no matter what time it is one them will always have something I like on. Of course this isn’t the way to find new things out, but what can I say, I like what I like.

The same used to be true of the internet, not really into surfing. I have my websites that I visit daily and I suppose or could be considered surfing…And occasisonally I get carried away and end up surfing without meaning to but this usually results in me getting “lost” and having no idea what my original purpose was.

BUT-today I found and let’s just say it’s a bit too entertaining. You get 5 seconds of every blog that has been recently posted. 5 seconds to read a bit, decide if you like it and pause the channel before it flips to a new one. This is an ADD person’s dream come true, before you can even know you’re bored it’s onto something new and shiny!

So try it out if you have some time to waste! Or even if you don’t…

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