Yay! More Wine!

Here it comes. The fabulous third installment of very dandy wine labels! I wish I could get paid to do this…

Very clever. From the front this is a very simple design but it works with the over-sized letters and large bar code, but obviously the back is where the party is!

Another simple concept. The labels have nothing of interest separately but the placement is very catching.

Take note, simple is fabulous! These labels are so simple they catch your eye, and again the back is where it get interesting.

These Longview Wine labels were reconstituted labels from the old branding, together the different placement and cropping makes the plain old illustrations very appealing.

Come on, who isn’t an optimist after a bottle of wine? Simple. Simple. Perfect!

We move out of the simple to the simply stunning. It’s hard to even make out that this is a photograph of flood water but I just can’t tear my eyes away from the gorgeous black and white photography.

I wasn’t sure if I liked the feather on the bottle but sometimes it’s the packaging that makes it!

Sometimes it’s the packaging, sometimes it the photography, and sometimes when they’re all together you just want to buy that wine despite the fact that you wont be pouring it the same or that the box will be in the recycling soon. But then again, I guess the bottle will be too.

And how about some really amazing packaging. Again I could care less for the bottle and label design but the packaging is clearly where all the creativity went.

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