Alexa Meade

This is perhaps the coolest set of paintings I have ever seen. Alexa Meade paints 3D objects including food and people and makes them look 2D. By covering up these people in paint you almost get a better sense of who they are-or at least Alexa’s perception of who they are. Somehow, completely covered in paint, these objects seem more exposed, more real, like you’re looking into them instead of at them.

That look like a regular painting that should be hanging from your wall right?

How about now?

And now?

I would love to fly to Washington, DC and see one of her shows. Maybe she’ll come to Vancouver soon…

I’m pretty sure that last one is Alexa Meade. By the way, her website is

This last series is even better than the paintings in the gallery for obvious reason. Wouldn’t you just love to see this on the skytrain? Please come to Vancouver Alexa, please!

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