New League New Logo

The Vancouver Whitecaps have decided to honor their new title of an MLS soccer team with a new logo. Yay! This team has had it’s ups and downs on the field and mostly downs in the logo department. And just in case you’re not a soccer fan (and yes I say soccer not football!) I’ll clear the logos up by telling you that they were briefly called the Vancouver 86’ers when the team was sold before it was sold again and bought back the name “Whitecaps”.

So we start the logo history off with some awful red. It was probably some sort of Canadian coloured thing. That’s a good excuse for the colour. Maybe. But I probably could have lived with the red it not for the awful art nouveau-ish typeface. Seriously, does that say soccer to anyone?

Next we get into a more west coast friendly colour scheme. Blue. And I actually like the idea behind this logo. And it was probably pretty good back in the day.

Then the team changes hands and names. The 86’ers are revealed with this awful crest/coat of arms type thing.  No excuse people. Have some imagination.

Then we get very 80’s. And we’re back on the colour red if you didn’t notice. I almost don’t hate this because it’s basically the style of design I was surrounded with growing up. But that’s a big ALMOST.

And going back to the old name, we get a logo inspired by the old Whitecaps logo. Can you say inspired if it’s basically a copy?… There is potentially a bit of the 86’ers shield inspired in it too.

And then we have the new logo. Ready for the big leagues. And one that I actually approve of. Not that anyone needs my approval…

It’s supposed to be modern and inspired by the look and feel of other MLS soccer logos. I don’t know if it’s the geometrical shape or the typeface but it doesn’t exactly scream modern to me. However I do like the simplified mountain and ocean that are seen all around the hometown. Clean, simple, straight to the point. Perfect.

Good luck in the fall ‘Caps!

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