The Best Worst Business Cards

I have a business card collection. Everytime I go anywhere I grab one, even if I just ran into the store to use their bathroom I have to pick up a card. I’m not exactly sure why. I like to critique them, mock them, and pin the original ones up above my computer. Mostly they sit in a drawer in my desk specifically reserved for business cards waiting until I decide what I’m going to do with them.

This past week I hit the Business Card Jackpot! I was part of a crew that drove around industrial parks handing out invites to a Grand Opening. We traded invitational postcards for business cards to be entered in a draw for all sorts of goodies.

We got all different sorts of business cards as most people were eager to hand them over for a chance to win a trip to Vegas.  Some were too eager, as in here is a business card for every employee in the company. Like I need 17 business cards for one company. Others couldn’t find or just didn’t have business cards and had other ways to give us their company info so that they got in the draw. Some people gave us flyer and brochures with their info and some people were more creative…

If you can’t tell, this one was a sticky note with a company name and address stamped on.

This guy said his business cards were just printing and then proceeded to use the stinkiest marker to write this business card up. This “card” stunk up our vehicle for the next 1/2 hour until it diluted a bit.

Some people did have actual business card but maybe they were older- so they had cost-effective ways to change the info or add some extra info to a business card.

The front of that last business card was average. The back however, had this mission statement stamped onto it. Hhmmm last minute add on?

At least that set of business cards was in good condition. Ok yes, there were scribbles and stamps but the cards were newish. But this next one has no excuse…

Dirty edges, dog-eared and crinkled. Thanks for the card bud.

Then we’ve got some pet peeves.

Photography on a business card. Even if you are a photographer there is no reason to squish a photo onto a 2″ x 3.5″ piece of paper. That’s what websites are for.

Maps. Please refer to note above about pictures on a small surface. Again: That’s what the internet is for. You can google map the address that was on the front, or better yet punch it into your GPS.

Now they weren’t all bad. A lot of them were average or even had nice typography. They weren’t notable, but they served their purpose. There were however, 3 cards of note. 3 whole cards out of 200+.

It’s definitely the simplicity that attracts me, but I also enjoyed the materials they were printed on and the embossing. Plus, a vertical orientation is usually more engaging than a horizontal one.

The embossing on this card was so perfect it actually looked like a think square was glued onto the front of the card.

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