Water Painting

Ebru, Suminagashi, Sizing, whatever you call it, the art of marbling on paper has been practised since 825-880 CE in Japan. I was just recently introduced to this art and I’m pretty floored by this backwards, floating ink method of painting. The artist starts by dipping a fine brush into an oil based paint that will float on water, and then dips this paint loaded brush into the water to form coloured rings and circles. The paint can also be flicked onto the water for a sporadic pattern. The artist must work backwards, knowing exactly which order to paint certain objects or colours. The paint can then be manipulated from circle form into leaf or petal shaped objects that can then be combined with each other to form other shapes. Eventually a piece of paper is carefully placed on top of the water and pressed and tapped in different areas to be transferred from the water to the paper. The paper is then scraped along one dried side of the water box and comes out beautifully! A great marbling effect is produced and in this video below the artist uses the marbling to create a great shining water effect.


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