Playland Lets it Out

Playland has always had great advertising thanks to Rethink Canada, a local Vancouver Design Firm.

I really like the simplicity in this year’s Let It Out campaign. Weather it’s a small leak or a bellowing horn, these faces are screaming for Playland. I first noticed them on the skytrain and they really jumped out at me because there is so much going on at each skytrain station that it’s hard to focus. All the people, colours, movement. The black figure on a solid coloured background really grabbed my attention and I tried to pay attention at each station to see the whole campaign.

The 2009 ads used the organs of the rider in everyday objects that mimicked how your insides felt after a Playland ride. I like the concept but the muted colours while consistent with feeling motion sick, don’t convey the fun part of the ride. Brightly coloured backgrounds would have said “Ya, you might get sick, but you’ll have a lot of fun doing it!”

The 2007 ads were cute and creepy at the same time. Fun and stomach losing–just like some of the playland rides. The cute stuffies that you can win posed in front of the iconic Playland rides with their guts spilled in front of them get the point across while saving the viewers lunch-spoiling until they get there.

The turtle looks a bit off. The rest of the stuffies look like they had a good time before losing it, the turtle just looks sad. It might be the lack of tongue sticking out to make it playful, but I think it’s just the way his eyes are.

The 2006 ads were the most creative. Taking everyday objects that mimic the feeling that one has while on the rides. I think the boomerang and the slingshot are cop outs, they aren’t exactly everyday objects and they already have that sense of a ride or a game in them naturally. The egg beaters and the fire alarm however, have a great Playland feeling to them but were never looked at as fun or exhilarating before.

In 2002 the Playland ads stood out because of their lack of colour. This was a great concept, you don’t need colour to recognize the Playland rides but then you notice this little blue icon. Clever. And as always, funny and gross.

Check out more of Rethink Canada’s great ads at


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