Creative Diploma?

I was asked by a family friend a while back to design her a diploma she could give students of her classes. I scoured the net looking for some inspiration that was outside of the norm. What I  got was a lot of super scripty and gothic text, intricate line borders–you know the stuff that you could draw with your Spirograph when you were 8. I found it difficult to be different and professional at the same time. There is reason some things just don’t change, certain things are so ingrained in the North American brain that it would seem proposterous to change them.

I had forgotten about this project until I was recently emailed by Jason Rewald of the freshly squeezed asking to share what I came up with. Well here ya go Jason! Some inspiration from our friend Google and some of the options I had originally come up with.

This one works well for a Graphic Design graduate but I don’t think it would be applicable to much else:

This is not a diploma but a Spa Gift Certificate, I pulled some inspiration from this one in one of my options:

And here are three that I had come up with, not too far off the norm but in my opinion still professional looking. I will include the logo here as well which I didn’t create but mirrored the shape of in the borders to create something cohesive.




I hope this can inspire some creative diplomas from you!

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