Naturally Unnatural

I came across an unnatural picture on where else but Pinterest the other day and naturally I was drawn to it. Soft colours, whimsical creatures, earth conscienceness, and the pull of false science had me clicking through about at least a hundred links until I finally found the original source of the image, Leontine Greenberg.

Leontine’s inspiration is self-defined as by “the coming environmental apocalypse” which leads me to suspect is what her new show Unnatural Selection is all about. This two-person show along with Lou Pimentel, that features Leontine’s crazily adapted critters struggling to survive in the ever-changing and encroaching man-made world around them.

I’m very inspired by the combination of  feminity and steam-punk. Soft colours, organic shapes, flowers, and ink spots decorating the page seamlessly interact with the fantasy of the detailed insects and birds making their way through the world by means of wheels. Ok so the ‘machines’ aren’t quite steam-powered but they are a great combination of science and fantasy.

The show runs until July 29 so I see a problem posting a lot of full illustrations until after that date. If you live in NYC I would just go on over to My Plastic Heart Gallery and see these in person. Or check out more of Leontine Greenberg’s work at


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