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Creative Diploma?

I was asked by a family friend a while back to design her a diploma she could give students of her classes. I scoured the net looking for some inspiration that was outside of the norm. What I  got was a lot of super scripty and gothic text, intricate line borders–you know the stuff that you could draw with your Spirograph when you were 8. I found it difficult to be different and professional at the same time. There is reason some things just don’t change, certain things are so ingrained in the North American brain that it would seem proposterous to change them.

I had forgotten about this project until I was recently emailed by Jason Rewald of the freshly squeezed asking to share what I came up with. Well here ya go Jason! Some inspiration from our friend Google and some of the options I had originally come up with.

This one works well for a Graphic Design graduate but I don’t think it would be applicable to much else:

This is not a diploma but a Spa Gift Certificate, I pulled some inspiration from this one in one of my options:

And here are three that I had come up with, not too far off the norm but in my opinion still professional looking. I will include the logo here as well which I didn’t create but mirrored the shape of in the borders to create something cohesive.




I hope this can inspire some creative diplomas from you!

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Felt Mistress

I have been waiting for the Felt Mistress for a while now. I found this great photo and it led to a website under construction, Noooooooo! But yes, today I found the Felt Mistress with a great new site complete with these fabulous, one-off creatures showcased with playful photography.

Most of these felt buddies are created in conjunction with Jonathon Edwards and his illustrations.

Even though I love the vibrant colours, the black and white photography brings more life into these guys.

Find out who the Felt Mistress is at .

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Josef Frank

Google celebrated Josef Frank’s 125th birthday today. My dad’s birthday was yesterday and if I had known about Josef Frank yesterday I would have wrapped my dad’s present in Josef’s crazy designs! I think it would make great wrapping paper! Josef Frank was an Austrian architect who also created numerous designs for furniture, fabrics, wallpaper and carpet. These designs are what I’m interested in!

Super crazy, colourful, and busy designs of natural plants and animals smeared all over man-made objects inside the house. I would love to have a room with bright paint on the walls and maybe a couch or two with Josef’s prints on them to really pop and say “Sit on me!”.

His patterns are used today by other designers to spruce up their furniture or houses. Apparently, Anthropologie is a big fan. Good on them, I think everyone could use a little of Josef Frank in their homes.

Ok, so maybe it’s a bit much as wallpaper, but as an art piece on the wall it is much more aesthetically appealing!

Look out homes, Josef Frank is invading!

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Illustrative Quotes

It’s one thing to have a favourite movie quote and put a little dash in between it and the famous actor who said it. But how about drawing it out? That’s my kind of quote!

I love how it could be the same stick person, just going through different costume changes for the quotes. It reminds me of those paper dolls with the clothes that had tabs on them, and then you “wrapped” the different clothes and accessories onto her. I don’t know that they had different hairstyles though…


Hi My Name Is…FIFA

I have revitalized my venting project “Hi my name is…” for the World Cup. About a month ago or so I posted people with names tags that could be filled in. Like “Hi my name is…Joe’s boss and I don’t how I have survived this long without him, I should give him a raise”. Or you could fill it out a little meaner if you really needed to get some venting off your chest.

Venting or making excuses, I don’t know which one fits the World Cup these days. Either way, here is your very own FIFA Ref to vent on.

How about inserting “FIFA REFEREE…who needs to get his eyes checked, or maybe just his pockets…” I think a lot of English would like that one after yesterday’s non-goal by England which would have at that point, tied the game up with the Germans.

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How to Vent like an Artist

Everyone needs to vent about something every once in a while. My poor boyfriend, I just call him up randomly or, like early this morning, text him to go off about whatever it is that’s bugging me. Texting is probably the way to go about this because then you can say what you want to somebody but not have them interrupt your rant or try to fix it. Smart boy that he is just texted back “I’m sorry some people are idiots”. Exactly. Some people are just idiots. And before I turn this entire blog into a giant rant, let’s just get to the point.

Because art is what I do, I vented in the form of my best friend Adobe Illustrator. I created “Hi my name is…” people to vent with. They have name tags where I can insert such things as “Hi my name is…Kylie’s boss and I’m an idiot!”* or “Hi my name is…Kylie and I’m not allowed to think outside of the box!”. It’s amazing how something so childish makes me feel so much better. It’s the artist’s version of the punching bag that won’t fall over, or the face tacked up to the dart board. Maybe venting or ranting is childish itself so the only want to let go of these feelings is in a childish way.

I think I’m really going to get good use out of these name tag people.

Click the images to get a larger version for your own personal rant.

*Just so you don’t get the wrong picture, this was an example. Technically right now I am my own boss…
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BBQ Season

It’s hard to actually believe that BBQ season is here if you live in the lower mainland. And although the weather network says we’ve had less rain than usual for the month of May, I think we also had it spread out so that we had a little bit everyday-which also made for less sun than usual. So now it’s June and let’s cross our BBQing fingers that we will have the sun to fuel our dinner-time grills.

Of course on that note I might as well add “lets cross our vegetarian fingers that we all choose to grill more veggies.”

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Shane Glines

Upon searching pin-up girls, I found Shane Gline’s amazing illustrations. The crazy angles and curves make these illustrations so captivating to look at. You eye moves with all the lines and doesn’t know where to settle. The women he draws sort of have this very exaggerated, super hero quality to them. I think I need to go out and buy his book Cartoon Retro. Check out more of his illustrations at .

The french maid is my favourite.

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Playoff Hair

It’s playoff season and every Canadian man is sporting his playoff beard in support of his team. I’ve met a few travellers lately who can’t seem to comprehend the need for a hockey flag attached to each and every window of your car, or the hockey sticks flying a flag out a window or front door, and who especially don’t get the facial hair thing. I found a great Molson ad that probably explains it the best.

How better can you describe it than as simply being a Canadian thing? Of course the actual players have beards as well…or at least those old enough do. Patrick Kane and Jonathon Towes of course being among those who only wish they were manly enough to have beards like these.

 But don’t count them out yet, Patrick seems to think wherever you grow your extra hair it counts.

So if a mullet counts for the younger men, shouldn’t there be a playoff beard substitute for women?…

Oh yes, here it is! Introducing the playoff legs for women! Enjoy!

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Whistle & Sigh

A family friend of mine is just finishing up her master’s degree in music composition. As part of her grad requirements she had to compose a CD and perform a concert for friends and family. Along with some help, Crystal Arnold produced, did vocals, played piano and accordion, among others and came out with a wonderful CD and performance. I went to school with her younger sister, Jenna Shepherd who came up with fabulous illustrations for the album cover. The illustrations remind me of classical, story book illustrations–very classic Beatrix Potter, combining detailed, realistic artwork with storytime whimsy.

And just because I’m focusing on the artwork(which is what I always do anyway) doesn’t mean the songs are just as good, I’m loading them onto my iPod as we speak! The dandelions might also have made me partial to the artwork!

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