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Josef Frank

Google celebrated Josef Frank’s 125th birthday today. My dad’s birthday was yesterday and if I had known about Josef Frank yesterday I would have wrapped my dad’s present in Josef’s crazy designs! I think it would make great wrapping paper! Josef Frank was an Austrian architect who also created numerous designs for furniture, fabrics, wallpaper and carpet. These designs are what I’m interested in!

Super crazy, colourful, and busy designs of natural plants and animals smeared all over man-made objects inside the house. I would love to have a room with bright paint on the walls and maybe a couch or two with Josef’s prints on them to really pop and say “Sit on me!”.

His patterns are used today by other designers to spruce up their furniture or houses. Apparently, Anthropologie is a big fan. Good on them, I think everyone could use a little of Josef Frank in their homes.

Ok, so maybe it’s a bit much as wallpaper, but as an art piece on the wall it is much more aesthetically appealing!

Look out homes, Josef Frank is invading!

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Newspapers…not just for reading

So this Christmas I decided to wrap all my presents in newspaper. I would like to say it was all for the environment, but I also didn’t have the money to go out and buy wrapping paper. But let’s stick to the “green” side of this. There is a newspaper box by my house and if you want the local paper, you go get yourself one. Most people don’t want the local paper so a lot of it stays stuck in the little wooden box. I saved all these poor helpless, unwanted newspaper and turned them into beautiful wrapping paper. I even made bows, and curling ribbon out of newspaper! I did not take pictures of the presents all though I should have but here’s some people who did that I found online.

My wrapping skills around squared objects was beautiful if I do say so myself. Original shapes got wrapped however I could get the tape to stick! The bows and ribbon helped stick them together but my bows were not as nice as these ones I found online, made out of newspaper and leftover scraps of wrapping paper!

I also found some beautiful wreaths online made out of newspaper and scraps of leftover wrapping paper. I think I’ll have to try these next year.

And newspaper isn’t just for wrapping either. I found this company in the province newspaper I might have even been wrapping with the newspaper when the article caught my eye!

Earthzone recycles 100% post consumer newspapers to make environmentally friendly pencils. The HB and pencils crayons they make may be made with newspapers but they are made in China and shipped out here which was a disappointment to me, but you have to like the original idea. They are hoping to get into pens, books and other office supplies made from newspaper as well. You can check them out or order their pencils at .

And to top it all off the most beautiful newspaper products to date, David Stovell’s Sunday Paper furniture products. His tables, stools, and chairs are made from tightly rolled newspapers aligned so that you can still see the whole cover of the newspaper. These products were inspired by the bundles of newspapers left outside shops on Saturday morning. With a significance beyond that of old newspapers, the papers have a one day shelf life. Hot news printed inside today, old news tomorrow when there is a new paper to take our attention. And then yesterday’s papers off to become pulp. Well what if after they were “old news” they were chairs? And after they are “old news” chairs then they can become pulp. There by extending the newspaper life.

Along with other great sustainable furniture, David Stovell has tables made from printer’s waste. column of paper cut offs bound together not by glue but by tightly secured Oak caps. Another recyclable creation once it’s table life has ended. And beautiful too, I would by lying on the floors reading his creations instead of sitting on them!

Check out more of David Stovell’s sustainable furniture on his website at .

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SNURK Studio

I just found the most amazing bedding ever. The comforter and pillow set that caught my eye looked like cardboard and I thought the photo I was looking at had been photoshopped, it just looked so real. I followed the links around and found Snurk Studio in Holland which is a bedding company. This particular series is called the bum collection and however un-PC that is, the project is as amazing as the sheets look. The idea is to be reminded of the daily plight of the world’s homeless and proceeds from the sale of these duvet sets will aid homeless shelters around the globe and bring new awareness to one of the oldest issues that plagues humanity.

on the street

cardboard comforter set

in the bedroom

concrete sheets

I’m not sure if I would actually want these in my bedroom. Maybe a guest bedroom, it would be a great joke set to give to any couch surfing “bum” friends you have! Whether you want to sleep on them or not, they are very innovative and took a lot of creativity and definitely deserve the very dandy seal of approval! Snurk which actually means snore in dutch has quite a few very interesting collections that I would consider having in my bedroom. I really like what they call the white laundry series, but it has been suggested to me that my room is dirty enough that I don’t need to add these sheets to them. But I’m still thinking about it…

white laundry sheet_shirt

white laundry_robe

white laundry_bra

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More is more?

So I went to Las Vegas over the last weekend, it was a present from my amazing boyfriend for graduating in graphic design. The present was extravagant which was only the tip of the extravagant iceberg. I had never been to Vegas before and I was floored by the amount of detail put into each hotel. We stayed at the Luxor which is a giant pyramid with a beam of light coming out the top that is so bright, you could read a newspaper with it as your nightlight 10 miles into space! Of course the inside of the pyramid had Egyptian statues everywhere, a small Egyptian city as the theatre/showroom, a large replica of the Sphinx towers over you as you enter the hotel/casino and finally the Luxor sign is on a giant obelisk. Add all this Egyptian paraphernalia to all the blinking, neon coloured lights of slot machines, a Mexican themed restaurant with a mariachi band playing, Bodies the exhibition and Titanic artifacts and you’d think it would be gaudy as ever. But somehow they pull it off. And every hotel we went into all down the strip was the same. Overbearing themes, huge lengths were taken to replicate the city of Paris, Venice, New York and much more. How do these hotels pull off looking classy with the statue of David right next to drunk old ladies pulling slots? It makes me wonder if when you’re in Vegas extravagance is so much the norm that it just goes. Would these hotels and casinos be well designed anywhere else or would they be over-designed? We’re always warned to design with purpose and decorated later. I think Vegas has the opposite rules. But I’m not complaining, I’m just wondering how they get away with it!


Glass blown flowers at the Bellagio:

Bellagio Glass Flowers



Harrahs Ceiling

MGM Grand by day

It took a while for this interesting shade of turquoise to grow on me...

MGM Grand by night

Caesars Palace:

David is all dressed up
And you thought he was eternally naked…

Caesars Palace Casino

This about sums it up:
Las Vegas
If anyone could ever pull off a design close to this in a non-Vegas setting they would probably be crowned the Very Dandy King in my books.
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3D Wallpaper

I saw an article in the Vancouver Sun last weekend and finally got around to checking out Tracy Kendall. She makes the most amazing 3D wallpaper. Actually, I’ve never seen 3D wallpaper before, so lets go back and say she makes the most amazing wallpaper. Period. I’m so inspired to start gluing stuff all over my walls right now, it’s all I can do to not stop writing this and run and get the glue! Kendall’s wallpaper is sold in sheets 3.5 m high by 55 cm wide and can “take up to 6 weeks to complete” 5 sheets of it. Can you imagine hand sewing buttons, puzzle pieces or sequins onto sheets of wallpaper? Yikes! But I can see that it’s worth it for her, the wallpaper is pricey but it would definitely bring your room from drab to upscale in no time. Although, I would choose carefully what walls I would cover, I can see how the walls could become overbearing and take over the room. The buttons are my favourite, there could be so many different textures and looks you could achieve by using wooden, matte, shiny or multi-coloured buttons!


 But how about that, walls as the center piece of attention in a room. Tres dandy!

Check her out at

 Puzzle Pieces

Stiched Sequin Lines

White Room

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