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Loving the Baby Bump

Friends of mine just had a baby boy so I’ve been scouring my new favourite website Pinterest for DIY baby shower gifts. Following this cute Ready To Pop Picture I was taken to the Bump Smitten Blog of baby shower inspirations. What’s better than a baby shower? A themed baby shower! And while there are many themes, this Milkaholic party really appealed to my graphic designer side. Not only is it totally DIY but there is typography and packaging involved! So what’s better than a themed baby shower? A themed baby shower with amazing signage, typography, and packaging!

I am always drawn to mixed types, and the typeface of the milk party “logo” is incorporated well in other areas along with some cursive.

The milk theme is represented a few times with the cow print but is also present in a newer and less country way with the polka dots and even stripes. The black and while lends itself well to either sex, the blue could easily be pink or even yellow or green if you didn’t know the sex yet.

Having some fun by playing with the notions of the ever-present alcohol at parties is tastefully done at this party where the mom (and maybe some other young party guests) would definitely not be drinking.

Find other great baby shower themes at


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The Bitter Chocolatier

What can I say about Miguel Molina a recent grad from Capilano University in Vancouver, amazingly clean and simple packaging with clever copy to boot! I love mixing script type with sans serif text to add some texture, but have always thought mixing with serif would be too much. I have been proven wrong here, this mixture of types is very classy. Keeping the rest of the design simple to enhance the look of the type was a great choice, I’m very partial to white space if it is used correctly.

The container itself is attractive with the clear glass revealing the goodies inside as well as large cork stoppers for added texture.

Echoing the label shape inside the label is a great way to strengthen the concept and keep everything uniform.

And then there’s the sassy “Bitter Stories”. What an appropriate medium to place the stories with, aren’t you going to wish this was a real product next time  you need a chocolate pick-me-up? I know I am…

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