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This is possibly the most beautiful business card I have seen. The hand rendered type designed by Jessica Hische is all connected with curls and swirls that are so light they add but don’t distract from the beauty of the letters themselves. The vibrant yellow really stands out and grabs your attention as well. Love Love Love!

And of course the photos are a great way to showcase not only the graphic design work but the photography the cards are advertising as well.

Kate’s website is under construction but check out her blog for amazing wedding photography and candids. I love how casual the photos seems all while the couples are oozing romance.

Check out Jessica’s website too at for some really great typography.

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1000 Strangers Art Show

I saw a sneak preview of this show called 100 Strangers a couple of months ago on and kept waiting for the show to open so that more pictures would be available online. It never really happened so I’ll post the few pictures I have managed to grab. If the show was even slightly closer to Vancouver I might have thought about going because the few sneak peek pictures were so intriguing.

Larry Yuan and Hilary Leung started a collaborative art project, combining Hilary’s 1000 strangers sketches with Larry’s urban photography. The goal was to create different narratives about the people and places around the cit of Toronto.

Flickr has more prints I just wasn’t able to steal them! Check it out

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The Beautiful Game

Is there any wonder that soccer is called the “Beautiful Game” with players like this? And yes, I know this is a design blog so lets focus on the photography by Annie Leibovitz. Photography of beautifully sculpted soccer players. The still shots really show off the personalities of the players-they’re not all stock still flexing their muscles. They’re “in the locker room” laughing at each other, getting un-dressed, etc. The shots I really like are the moody action shots. Very monotone greys, with just the perfect lighting(highlighting the muscles in use of course!). I suppose even these action shots have capture each player’s personality. Ronaldo the “pretty boy” is casually kicking a ball while the others are flying through the air with strength oozing out of them. Enjoy!

P.S. Pick up this month’s issue of Vanity Fair for pictures you can drool over without wrecking your keyboard!

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Camouflage Art

Liu Bolin is the invisible man, painted to blend into his surroundings with such exquisite detail it is often hard to tell him apart from his urban settings. It’s a strange shift, where the man is trying to blend in naturally with the man-made artificial environment. It’s interesting that he is harder to spot among rubble, graffiti, machinery, and even people than he is to spot among shrubs or a cloudy grey sky. Enjoy these dandy art installations.

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