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The Cheeky dot Com

I read a controversial article in the paper today and had to do some investigating myself. Two cheeky Vancouver men have caused an uproar over their suitcase stickers. Designed to bring a smile and help travellers find their suitcase on the baggage carousel, these stickers and anyone who uses them could be prosecuted with “the full force of the law” for “violating Section 11 of the Canadian Aviation Security Regulations”.

{If you are easily offended, stop reading}

Ok so lets take a step back and explain what the stickers depict; torn luggage revealing packages of cocaine, wads of US money, sex toys, and a bound flight attendent. While I find these stickers funny, I do see their offensive nature. However, banning offensice nature from airports is a bit big-brother to me. I see rude bumper stickers all the time and they’re not being pulled over becuase I might have a child in my backseat who could see it. T-shirts, posters, bumper stickers, music–they can all be rude and offensive to some poeople but that doesn’t mean the intent of them is anything other than amusement.

If I have a T-shirt saying “crack is for plumbers” should I be searched at the airport for falsely declaring I am carrying an illegal substance? Do I now make the airline unsafe for other passengers? Do you really think an actual smuggler or terrorist is going to advertise themselves like that?

And yes, I think the stickers are funny but I also think they are offensive. So of the best jokes you hate to laugh at right? I wouldn’t put the stickers on my luggage but I don’t think if you do you should be treated any differently.

Very cheeky, and very funny here are a few more  ideas from Colin Hart that mock convention and challenge pointlessness.

Famous Marks to mark your pages:

Mr Potato Head’s unfortunate brother, Mr Baked Potato Head who was actually wrapped in tin foil and baked at 400 degrees for 40 minutes:

Rocking Chair Cushions:

To see more cheekiness, check out

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So everyone on the planet that has every travelled out of their country at least once has a world map on their wall pock marked with pinholes, including me. There’s nothing wrong with punching a million tiny holes into your wall unless of course you’re a renter and sooner or later you get to putty those all in! But I think Linzie Hunter has a much more creative way to mark down your travels.

No, I don’t think she actually does this as a way to show off her worldy-ness, instead they are mostly ads for Chevrolet in some BBC magazines. None the less, the are very dandy and you can see more at .

This is my favourite one because I’ve always dreamed about driving across Canada and seeing all the ridiculous road-side attractions!

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More is more?

So I went to Las Vegas over the last weekend, it was a present from my amazing boyfriend for graduating in graphic design. The present was extravagant which was only the tip of the extravagant iceberg. I had never been to Vegas before and I was floored by the amount of detail put into each hotel. We stayed at the Luxor which is a giant pyramid with a beam of light coming out the top that is so bright, you could read a newspaper with it as your nightlight 10 miles into space! Of course the inside of the pyramid had Egyptian statues everywhere, a small Egyptian city as the theatre/showroom, a large replica of the Sphinx towers over you as you enter the hotel/casino and finally the Luxor sign is on a giant obelisk. Add all this Egyptian paraphernalia to all the blinking, neon coloured lights of slot machines, a Mexican themed restaurant with a mariachi band playing, Bodies the exhibition and Titanic artifacts and you’d think it would be gaudy as ever. But somehow they pull it off. And every hotel we went into all down the strip was the same. Overbearing themes, huge lengths were taken to replicate the city of Paris, Venice, New York and much more. How do these hotels pull off looking classy with the statue of David right next to drunk old ladies pulling slots? It makes me wonder if when you’re in Vegas extravagance is so much the norm that it just goes. Would these hotels and casinos be well designed anywhere else or would they be over-designed? We’re always warned to design with purpose and decorated later. I think Vegas has the opposite rules. But I’m not complaining, I’m just wondering how they get away with it!


Glass blown flowers at the Bellagio:

Bellagio Glass Flowers



Harrahs Ceiling

MGM Grand by day

It took a while for this interesting shade of turquoise to grow on me...

MGM Grand by night

Caesars Palace:

David is all dressed up
And you thought he was eternally naked…

Caesars Palace Casino

This about sums it up:
Las Vegas
If anyone could ever pull off a design close to this in a non-Vegas setting they would probably be crowned the Very Dandy King in my books.
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