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A friend sent me the link to a point and click game called Machinarium, now I’m not a gamer. In fact-the only game I’ve ever played on the computer is Spider Solitaire, unless you want to count Oregon Trail in elementary school. This link was sent to me not for the game, but for the visual arts in the game. A small Czech Game Development Studio called Amanita Design, designed Machinarium and won an Excellence in Visual Arts award in 2009 in the Independant Games Festival.

First off, the game is centered around Robots! If that’s not enough to peak your interest, the whimsical sketched style and soft colours should do it for you. I love the contrast your mind creates because robots are “supposed” to be hard, shiny, mechanical, and maybe flashy. Soft, muted colours along with dark lines create this sort of underworld feeling while the main character is this cute little misfit robot. The animations are simple but the little shrugs the robot can give you or the toe taps if you’re taking too long add to the cute-ness. And I know the word cute isn’t a great way to describe something but I honestly think it can be used in this case. Ok, I’ll try to describe it better, how about Dr. Seuss combined with Rube Goldberg combined with the movie 9. More accurate or more complicated?


I’m not sure if there is a winter-time level but I found this pic on the web advertising a Christmas Sale. I wonder if robots rust in the snow? And if they do do you have to avoid the red spots instead of the yellow ones in the snow?!

And while it took me forever to figure out the first level, it did get addicting and I’m contemplating buying the whole game now that’s I’ve passed all the demo levels. Ahem-but only for the inspirational art, I swear! Check it out at or check out Amanita and their other games at

Actually, maybe before I buy it and spend all my time trying to beat the levels I will try to create my own personal robots!

Robotic Whimsy

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Cheeky dot com in trouble again… has gotten it’s self in trouble again, this time with the Winnipeg Humane Society. Now as an animal lover and vegetarian I have to say this is so wrong. But as someone who has grown up in the most sarcastic environment ever,  this is pretty funny. And again, that’s what they were trying to be–funny. It’s a joke. Even the description is making fun of anyone who would think of buying a real live (dead) piggy bank!

“Designed for anyone who has far too much money and loose change, this is the piggy bank of all piggy banks. It’s a real piglet that has been taxidermied and inserted with what all piglets probably dream of as babies, a coin storage unit and a cork plug. Make your plush overpriced apartment complete with this little guy…”

It’s time to lighten up people! Don’t take like so seriously. Have a little fun with your imaginations!

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Blog Surfing

So I’m not a big channel surfer, I have a handful of channels that I watch because no matter what time it is one them will always have something I like on. Of course this isn’t the way to find new things out, but what can I say, I like what I like.

The same used to be true of the internet, not really into surfing. I have my websites that I visit daily and I suppose or could be considered surfing…And occasisonally I get carried away and end up surfing without meaning to but this usually results in me getting “lost” and having no idea what my original purpose was.

BUT-today I found and let’s just say it’s a bit too entertaining. You get 5 seconds of every blog that has been recently posted. 5 seconds to read a bit, decide if you like it and pause the channel before it flips to a new one. This is an ADD person’s dream come true, before you can even know you’re bored it’s onto something new and shiny!

So try it out if you have some time to waste! Or even if you don’t…

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Happy Birthday Pac Man

It’s Pac Man’s 30th Birthday today so Google is throwing a party on it’s home page! You can actually play Pac Man with the arrows on your keyboard, with hundreds of levels! Just in case you didn’t have enough websites distracting you from work, now you can’t even search anything without being distracted. And you don’t even have a choice, it just starts the game for you, and then of course you don’t want to die so you have to play just a couple levels…

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