Deck yourself out in Tech

This has got to be every web/computer/blog/tech girl’s dream, combine the geeky inner workings of a computer with the stylish beauty of jewelry and voila–Cirkuita Bands!

Based in Milan, Paola Mirai creates one of a kind handmade contemporary jewelry from old technology. I love anything that has been repurposed, it’s part my love of being “green” and the fact that it’s recycling and part my love vintage objects–Give me a vintage stone ring over a diamond ring any day! This Cirkuita Jewelry has old charm and new beauty all wrapped up in one.

Check out how it’s made or visit

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‘Puffs Shoot

When I was in elementary school I loved colouring and crafting. When I was in high school I loved drawing and sculpting. When I was in post-secondary I loved designing and illustrating. But aren’t these all the same thing? Colouring becomes drawing which becomes illustrating… The name changes so that now I’m an illustrator instead of a drawer. I don’t doodle anymoreI sketch. I’ve learnt many different art forms, and I have to say that while I’m most comfortable with a pastel in my hand, I was very fortunate to have a made the acquaintance of Gerry Gail a local fashion designer in Vancouver. She gets different creative juices flowing. Advertising, marketing, photo shoots!  I’ve found a new niche that I’m comfortable with. Being behind the camera (or in front of it design the set) talking out my creativity. It’s an interesting concept to have all these ideas and meld them with all the creative visions of the talented people I’m surrounded by. it’s incredible to work together with hair and makeup artists, fashion designers, photographers, models and to each have your own vision but to see if come together as one finished product. To be one piece of the final product. So I have to thank GG for bringing me into this world and letting some different creative juices flow through my brain!

The whole concept behind Creampuffs are girlie, feminine, strong, carefree, comfortable and fun. These qualities can be applied to the designer, the product and the energy of these things is truly coming through in these photos!


Thanks to the whole team for putting this together!

Check out more lovely creampuffs at

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Creative Diploma?

I was asked by a family friend a while back to design her a diploma she could give students of her classes. I scoured the net looking for some inspiration that was outside of the norm. What I  got was a lot of super scripty and gothic text, intricate line borders–you know the stuff that you could draw with your Spirograph when you were 8. I found it difficult to be different and professional at the same time. There is reason some things just don’t change, certain things are so ingrained in the North American brain that it would seem proposterous to change them.

I had forgotten about this project until I was recently emailed by Jason Rewald of the freshly squeezed asking to share what I came up with. Well here ya go Jason! Some inspiration from our friend Google and some of the options I had originally come up with.

This one works well for a Graphic Design graduate but I don’t think it would be applicable to much else:

This is not a diploma but a Spa Gift Certificate, I pulled some inspiration from this one in one of my options:

And here are three that I had come up with, not too far off the norm but in my opinion still professional looking. I will include the logo here as well which I didn’t create but mirrored the shape of in the borders to create something cohesive.




I hope this can inspire some creative diplomas from you!

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The Bitter Chocolatier

What can I say about Miguel Molina a recent grad from Capilano University in Vancouver, amazingly clean and simple packaging with clever copy to boot! I love mixing script type with sans serif text to add some texture, but have always thought mixing with serif would be too much. I have been proven wrong here, this mixture of types is very classy. Keeping the rest of the design simple to enhance the look of the type was a great choice, I’m very partial to white space if it is used correctly.

The container itself is attractive with the clear glass revealing the goodies inside as well as large cork stoppers for added texture.

Echoing the label shape inside the label is a great way to strengthen the concept and keep everything uniform.

And then there’s the sassy “Bitter Stories”. What an appropriate medium to place the stories with, aren’t you going to wish this was a real product next time  you need a chocolate pick-me-up? I know I am…

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Cheeky dot com in trouble again… has gotten it’s self in trouble again, this time with the Winnipeg Humane Society. Now as an animal lover and vegetarian I have to say this is so wrong. But as someone who has grown up in the most sarcastic environment ever,  this is pretty funny. And again, that’s what they were trying to be–funny. It’s a joke. Even the description is making fun of anyone who would think of buying a real live (dead) piggy bank!

“Designed for anyone who has far too much money and loose change, this is the piggy bank of all piggy banks. It’s a real piglet that has been taxidermied and inserted with what all piglets probably dream of as babies, a coin storage unit and a cork plug. Make your plush overpriced apartment complete with this little guy…”

It’s time to lighten up people! Don’t take like so seriously. Have a little fun with your imaginations!

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The Cheeky dot Com

I read a controversial article in the paper today and had to do some investigating myself. Two cheeky Vancouver men have caused an uproar over their suitcase stickers. Designed to bring a smile and help travellers find their suitcase on the baggage carousel, these stickers and anyone who uses them could be prosecuted with “the full force of the law” for “violating Section 11 of the Canadian Aviation Security Regulations”.

{If you are easily offended, stop reading}

Ok so lets take a step back and explain what the stickers depict; torn luggage revealing packages of cocaine, wads of US money, sex toys, and a bound flight attendent. While I find these stickers funny, I do see their offensive nature. However, banning offensice nature from airports is a bit big-brother to me. I see rude bumper stickers all the time and they’re not being pulled over becuase I might have a child in my backseat who could see it. T-shirts, posters, bumper stickers, music–they can all be rude and offensive to some poeople but that doesn’t mean the intent of them is anything other than amusement.

If I have a T-shirt saying “crack is for plumbers” should I be searched at the airport for falsely declaring I am carrying an illegal substance? Do I now make the airline unsafe for other passengers? Do you really think an actual smuggler or terrorist is going to advertise themselves like that?

And yes, I think the stickers are funny but I also think they are offensive. So of the best jokes you hate to laugh at right? I wouldn’t put the stickers on my luggage but I don’t think if you do you should be treated any differently.

Very cheeky, and very funny here are a few more  ideas from Colin Hart that mock convention and challenge pointlessness.

Famous Marks to mark your pages:

Mr Potato Head’s unfortunate brother, Mr Baked Potato Head who was actually wrapped in tin foil and baked at 400 degrees for 40 minutes:

Rocking Chair Cushions:

To see more cheekiness, check out

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Playland Lets it Out

Playland has always had great advertising thanks to Rethink Canada, a local Vancouver Design Firm.

I really like the simplicity in this year’s Let It Out campaign. Weather it’s a small leak or a bellowing horn, these faces are screaming for Playland. I first noticed them on the skytrain and they really jumped out at me because there is so much going on at each skytrain station that it’s hard to focus. All the people, colours, movement. The black figure on a solid coloured background really grabbed my attention and I tried to pay attention at each station to see the whole campaign.

The 2009 ads used the organs of the rider in everyday objects that mimicked how your insides felt after a Playland ride. I like the concept but the muted colours while consistent with feeling motion sick, don’t convey the fun part of the ride. Brightly coloured backgrounds would have said “Ya, you might get sick, but you’ll have a lot of fun doing it!”

The 2007 ads were cute and creepy at the same time. Fun and stomach losing–just like some of the playland rides. The cute stuffies that you can win posed in front of the iconic Playland rides with their guts spilled in front of them get the point across while saving the viewers lunch-spoiling until they get there.

The turtle looks a bit off. The rest of the stuffies look like they had a good time before losing it, the turtle just looks sad. It might be the lack of tongue sticking out to make it playful, but I think it’s just the way his eyes are.

The 2006 ads were the most creative. Taking everyday objects that mimic the feeling that one has while on the rides. I think the boomerang and the slingshot are cop outs, they aren’t exactly everyday objects and they already have that sense of a ride or a game in them naturally. The egg beaters and the fire alarm however, have a great Playland feeling to them but were never looked at as fun or exhilarating before.

In 2002 the Playland ads stood out because of their lack of colour. This was a great concept, you don’t need colour to recognize the Playland rides but then you notice this little blue icon. Clever. And as always, funny and gross.

Check out more of Rethink Canada’s great ads at

Felt Mistress

I have been waiting for the Felt Mistress for a while now. I found this great photo and it led to a website under construction, Noooooooo! But yes, today I found the Felt Mistress with a great new site complete with these fabulous, one-off creatures showcased with playful photography.

Most of these felt buddies are created in conjunction with Jonathon Edwards and his illustrations.

Even though I love the vibrant colours, the black and white photography brings more life into these guys.

Find out who the Felt Mistress is at .

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Post-it Book

Today I followed a whale with big lips. This whale lead me to Ricky Trickartt.

Ricky introduced me to his Post-it Book which I think is fabulous; it reminds of so many things. The first thing that came to mind was my gramma’s own obsession with sticky notes, and how similar she is to that old Simpson’s episode where they go to Ned’s cabin and he has Post-its EVERYWHERE! Food goes here…

But back to the book…The weird drawings with their varying degrees of complexity seem to meld well in a simply laid out book. I like the structure of the yellow blocked pages contrasted with the rough textures of the Post-it doodles.

Apparently, besides Ricky’s “healthy obsession with Post-it notes” he also creates other stuff with can be see here

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Josef Frank

Google celebrated Josef Frank’s 125th birthday today. My dad’s birthday was yesterday and if I had known about Josef Frank yesterday I would have wrapped my dad’s present in Josef’s crazy designs! I think it would make great wrapping paper! Josef Frank was an Austrian architect who also created numerous designs for furniture, fabrics, wallpaper and carpet. These designs are what I’m interested in!

Super crazy, colourful, and busy designs of natural plants and animals smeared all over man-made objects inside the house. I would love to have a room with bright paint on the walls and maybe a couch or two with Josef’s prints on them to really pop and say “Sit on me!”.

His patterns are used today by other designers to spruce up their furniture or houses. Apparently, Anthropologie is a big fan. Good on them, I think everyone could use a little of Josef Frank in their homes.

Ok, so maybe it’s a bit much as wallpaper, but as an art piece on the wall it is much more aesthetically appealing!

Look out homes, Josef Frank is invading!

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