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Josef Frank

Google celebrated Josef Frank’s 125th birthday today. My dad’s birthday was yesterday and if I had known about Josef Frank yesterday I would have wrapped my dad’s present in Josef’s crazy designs! I think it would make great wrapping paper! Josef Frank was an Austrian architect who also created numerous designs for furniture, fabrics, wallpaper and carpet. These designs are what I’m interested in!

Super crazy, colourful, and busy designs of natural plants and animals smeared all over man-made objects inside the house. I would love to have a room with bright paint on the walls and maybe a couch or two with Josef’s prints on them to really pop and say “Sit on me!”.

His patterns are used today by other designers to spruce up their furniture or houses. Apparently, Anthropologie is a big fan. Good on them, I think everyone could use a little of Josef Frank in their homes. www.anthropologie.com

Ok, so maybe it’s a bit much as wallpaper, but as an art piece on the wall it is much more aesthetically appealing!

Look out homes, Josef Frank is invading!

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