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All My Friends Are Dead

I set out Saturday afternoon for the Vancouver Aquarium with Kasrah, who would have thought that 1pm on the Saturday of a long weekend of the first weekend after school is out for the summer that the aquarium would have been so busy…

Hmm…Maybe we’ve been out of school too long if we couldn’t figure that one out. Anyways, we skipped the insanity in favour of lunch and shopping along West 4th. Much better idea. After gorging ourselves at Las Margaritas we decided to walk some of the stomach cramps out and stumbled into one of those kitschy stores that are great for buying presents for those people who don’t need anything. As it turned out, I bought no presents for others, just for myself! Among those presents was the book All My Friends Are Dead. I read the whole thing in the store and got quite a few good laughs out of it. I could have left it at that but decided I should thank the artist and writer by buying the book. It’s now sitting on my coffee table so that all my alive friends can come over and enjoy it too.

Super simplistic illustrations, personified objects with quirky expressions, sarcastic comments, dry humor…what more could you ask for in a book? And what grown-up doesn’t love the chance to read an illustration book? Especially if it’s meant for grown-ups. No honey this is a grown-up book, I know if looks like your books, but it’s not. It’s mine.

Cover Page

Dodo Bird

Expired Milk


Best Friends

Not Best Friends

Probably not the usual sort of coffee table book full of scenic travel photos or life quotes, but definitely more enjoyable! Check out All My Friends Are Dead for more peeks into this book and the sequel.

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Where the Wild Things Are

Movie Poster

Where the Wild Things Are written and illustrated by Maurice Sendak

I don’t go to the theatres very often, in general I think it’s a waste of money so I rent instead. The exception is animated movies. The last time I went to the theatres I saw Monsters vs. Aliens in 3D and I kept the glasses just in case I could use them for sunglasses(which you can’t by the way). Although I could use them to go see Up.

But what I really want to see is Where the Wild Things Are. First of all the book was a childhood fav, and second of all the posters are really dandy. The posters standout to me even though they are monochromatic; I think it’s the stripes that really grab your eye and pull them down to the words. The type is all very dandy because instead of a child-like typeface, these letters actually differ from each other and make me believe they are truly hand done which is very fitting and a nice contrast to the real images and cg wild thing. The poster with the large monster has great cropping, showing just a hint of smile on the top and leaving the viewers who don’t remember the book to wonder what’s going on.

And finally, the child screaming looks exactly like I had pictured him from the book so many years ago, don’t you think?

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