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Newspapers…not just for reading

So this Christmas I decided to wrap all my presents in newspaper. I would like to say it was all for the environment, but I also didn’t have the money to go out and buy wrapping paper. But let’s stick to the “green” side of this. There is a newspaper box by my house and if you want the local paper, you go get yourself one. Most people don’t want the local paper so a lot of it stays stuck in the little wooden box. I saved all these poor helpless, unwanted newspaper and turned them into beautiful wrapping paper. I even made bows, and curling ribbon out of newspaper! I did not take pictures of the presents all though I should have but here’s some people who did that I found online.

My wrapping skills around squared objects was beautiful if I do say so myself. Original shapes got wrapped however I could get the tape to stick! The bows and ribbon helped stick them together but my bows were not as nice as these ones I found online, made out of newspaper and leftover scraps of wrapping paper!

I also found some beautiful wreaths online made out of newspaper and scraps of leftover wrapping paper. I think I’ll have to try these next year.

And newspaper isn’t just for wrapping either. I found this company in the province newspaper I might have even been wrapping with the newspaper when the article caught my eye!

Earthzone recycles 100% post consumer newspapers to make environmentally friendly pencils. The HB and pencils crayons they make may be made with newspapers but they are made in China and shipped out here which was a disappointment to me, but you have to like the original idea. They are hoping to get into pens, books and other office supplies made from newspaper as well. You can check them out or order their pencils at www.earthzone.com .

And to top it all off the most beautiful newspaper products to date, David Stovell’s Sunday Paper furniture products. His tables, stools, and chairs are made from tightly rolled newspapers aligned so that you can still see the whole cover of the newspaper. These products were inspired by the bundles of newspapers left outside shops on Saturday morning. With a significance beyond that of old newspapers, the papers have a one day shelf life. Hot news printed inside today, old news tomorrow when there is a new paper to take our attention. And then yesterday’s papers off to become pulp. Well what if after they were “old news” they were chairs? And after they are “old news” chairs then they can become pulp. There by extending the newspaper life.

Along with other great sustainable furniture, David Stovell has tables made from printer’s waste. column of paper cut offs bound together not by glue but by tightly secured Oak caps. Another recyclable creation once it’s table life has ended. And beautiful too, I would by lying on the floors reading his creations instead of sitting on them!

Check out more of David Stovell’s sustainable furniture on his website at http://www.stovelldesign.co.uk .

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More Window Paintings

I was recently waiting outside the Sevenoaks Shopping Centre in the freezing cold, for a very long amount of time…or so it seemed. Of course, my eyes wandered around as I tried to brace myself against the wind and I noticed the window paintings across the glass doors that led into the much warmer mall. The style was very nice, casual, flowing but still with a great deal of detail. TheGraphicGarden.com was painted underneath a couple of the ribbons so I looked them up and came across some very creative window paintings! Yay! Enjoy!

These were on a Dr.’s office:

Fountain Tire:

Just Ink Services:

I’m not sure what baseball has to do with Minuteman Press but it’s a nice scene anyways:

Riverside Golf:

Tim Hortons:

And my favourite, at Chevron:

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Christmas Window Paintings

I was asked to paint a christmas scene on the windows of cell phone dealer and to get some inspiration I decided to google some unique window paintings. I was severely disappointed with the lack of creativity of these window painters! So then I started taking notice of all the paintings around town and found the same boring Santa’s, mistle toe and wreaths painted on windows everywhere.

I ended up painting Santa excited to look down at his blackberry and see Mrs.Claus calling him. Rudolph was beside him looking down at a wishlist that included phones like BlackBerry and Hero as well as Telus TV.

Here are a couple holiday paintings that I thought took some dandy creativity.

The first two aren’t necessarily creative imagery, the style is just unique.

This next one seems plain enough, but Santa is wearing a visitor’s pass to the place whose window he’s painted on.

This next one was obviously painted on a travel agency.

And this last one is the most original in my opinion, painted on a music store.

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