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Pop of ‘Puffs

Need a pop of colour in your spring wardrobe? How about a Pop of ‘Puffs?! I was very excited to open my email recently and see the newest release of a Creampuffs photo shoot prominently displayed!

As amateur set designer and accessory assistant I had a lot of fun with this one. GG’s wonderfully playful mind wanted some spunky Rihanna-esque style to this shoot and I had this awesome vision of our model floating on a cloud of balloons. We were blowing up balloons (thankfully with the help of a machine) and I kept thinking more, we need more! I’m not sure anyone agreed with me until we trying attaching them together in a “cloud” shape. What a mess that was! Eventually they were strung together and laid out around a table. The table was draped in white to blend in and piled high with balloons. I gotta say I was not entirely impressed with the floral background but you gotta work with what you have, and I am pleasantly surprised with the result! It’s like Rihanna, the Little Mermaid and Up and combined into one pin-up shoot! This one has GG and Creampuffs written all over it!

Check out more Pops of ‘Puffs at www.creampuffbygg.com.

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Wrapped in Foil for the Holidays

OK little braggin’ moment here. My sister was in her first newspaper ad! Creampuff creator GG Endean has a line of dresses called Foil out in time for the holidays, and what holiday dresses they are! Ali looks amazing in her first professional photoshoot, doesn’t she?! Little holiday ornaments were used at props (and were in turn used as decorative drawn touches in the ad). The ad itself is fun, young and flirty perfect for a holiday party with the girls! I got to exercise my creative brain bits with some styling of the jewelry, props and shoes–even used a pair of the shoes I wore to the shoot! The ad debuted in today’s issue of the North Shore Outlook and the dresses can be see in Favourite Gifts at the Lonsdale Quay Market.

Congrats Ali!

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‘Puffs Shoot

When I was in elementary school I loved colouring and crafting. When I was in high school I loved drawing and sculpting. When I was in post-secondary I loved designing and illustrating. But aren’t these all the same thing? Colouring becomes drawing which becomes illustrating… The name changes so that now I’m an illustrator instead of a drawer. I don’t doodle anymoreI sketch. I’ve learnt many different art forms, and I have to say that while I’m most comfortable with a pastel in my hand, I was very fortunate to have a made the acquaintance of Gerry Gail a local fashion designer in Vancouver. She gets different creative juices flowing. Advertising, marketing, photo shoots!  I’ve found a new niche that I’m comfortable with. Being behind the camera (or in front of it design the set) talking out my creativity. It’s an interesting concept to have all these ideas and meld them with all the creative visions of the talented people I’m surrounded by. it’s incredible to work together with hair and makeup artists, fashion designers, photographers, models and to each have your own vision but to see if come together as one finished product. To be one piece of the final product. So I have to thank GG for bringing me into this world and letting some different creative juices flow through my brain!

The whole concept behind Creampuffs are girlie, feminine, strong, carefree, comfortable and fun. These qualities can be applied to the designer, the product and the energy of these things is truly coming through in these photos!


Thanks to the whole team for putting this together!

Check out more lovely creampuffs at http://www.creampuffsbygg.com/.

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Shameless Plug

Just a quick note to brag for my friend GG who finally broke away from the default stock template of her website! I think her new website is absolutely adorable and perfect for the identity of her company Crempuff by GG. Creampuffs are girlie boxer shorts that are worn under dresses and skirts or as pajamas and lounge wear around the house. The product is very innovative and very cute. They’re shear and breathable with a frilly trim, cute little bow and tons of different patterns. I own purple polka dot Creampuffs and they were fabulous under my dress when I went to Vegas this summer not to mention perfect for the plane as I have a habit of sitting cross legged, so I’m sure the people across the aisle were glad for the Creampuffs underneath my dress! The website is in your face pink everywhere with cute little pig detailing. And here’s the plug, I designed the little piggy logo for GG. As for the rest of the website, I believe it goes with the whole identity package GG and I came up with and discussed so long ago. The soft, rounded corners of the frame fit into the identity of the soft, feminine product while the pin-up artwork adds a little ass kicking sexiness. GG by the way re-touches the pin up artwork to make them into her own Creampuff models! Very dandy, and if you want to check them out in person, go to Portobello West Fashion and Art Market at the Rocky Mountanier Station on the last Sunday of every month. Admission is only $2 and it’s absolutely worth it. There are so many talented Canadian designers inside that you can check out and buy their stuff. They have everything from clothing to painting to jewelery to chocolate! And of course, check out the Creampuff website, www.creampuffbygg.com .


And a little bit more bragging on my part, there is a pin up themed product photo shoot I directed that you can check out on my website, www.kyliemarie.ca. Here’s a peek.


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