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Winter Wine Wedding – Invite Inspiration

My last blog was about the colour palette for Sarah’s wedding, which I hadn’t known had given her a mini bride heart attack when I said the colours would define the rest of the wedding…whoops! Sorry Sarah! But it all worked out, we have a colour palette and now it’s time for something to be drawn in those colours.

We first turned our attention to some invites the Bride and Groom had seen online and were attracted to. It was my job to pull out of them what they actually liked about each invite. “I dunno, it’s just nice” doesn’t cut it for me–Nor would I settle for the word “pretty”.

I love how the text block is offset to one side, the spouses to be loved that it was this was a ski pass themed invite without being too over the top with the theme. They were also attracted to the typography of the date.

These three were selected for their fun cursive typefaces, nothing over the top and illegible, just nice and curvy!

This beautiful wedding set was chosen for the shared love of purple, as well as the use of the wine glass stain.

And finally, if I wasn’t around I think the bride and groom would be totally happy with this wedding set. The illustration style, type set into a defined block and simple colour palette work wonderful together–and it doesn’t hurt it’s a mountain theme as well! Now my challenge is to come up with something that will blow this one out of the water–or off the mountain!

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This is possibly the most beautiful business card I have seen. The hand rendered type designed by Jessica Hische is all connected with curls and swirls that are so light they add but don’t distract from the beauty of the letters themselves. The vibrant yellow really stands out and grabs your attention as well. Love Love Love!

And of course the photos are a great way to showcase not only the graphic design work but the photography the cards are advertising as well.

Kate’s website is under construction but check out her blog for amazing wedding photography and candids. I love how casual the photos seems all while the couples are oozing romance. http://www.katemurphyphotography.com/blog/

Check out Jessica’s website too at http://jessicahische.com for some really great typography.

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The other day I was surfing my favourite websites trying to be inspired when I came across this image that really stood out to me. To be honest, the use of typographic symbols always catches my eye, and I had recently done up a flyer for a client using a left curly bracket { . Then I see this piece that blew my flyer out of the water. They used a right curly bracket } as a die cut for this picture that made the picture so much more interesting. Instead of 4 flat sides, there was now a unique edge that popped out at you. It was also very fitting because it a bit reminiscent of a speech bubble and instead of the writing inside the bubble, the writting is to the side. So the picture pop out at you and now talk to you as well. The writing itself isn’t anything amazing but the way it has been typeset makes it seem important. I can see this treatment being utilized in many different ways from brochures to signs inside a building. Unfortunately I couldn’t find out who made it, which is a shame because I’m sure the rest of their work is just as dandy.


After a few days of this sitting in my inspiration folder I decided to make my own. It’s been really nice since but I made mine on one of the few wet days we’ve had this fall and because I know what always comes with the fall in the lower mainland, I wrote mine this way.


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Typography on TV

I’ve been noticing a lot more TV commercials with emphasis on big, bold, animated typography to get their statement across to the world. I’m not surprised in this turn, but very pleased. Some ads with fun typography that have come to my attention are Ford’s employee pricing commercials with sans serif words slamming into the screen and then moving upwards or to the side to make room for the next until that statement is complete and they start over. The trucks are in the background but they are not the attraction, the type is. This is smart, it’s getting people to focus in on the financing options available, cash back, and saving money; all words that look very enticing these days. Another company I’ve noticed is Shaw’s saving money is cool commercials. With “3D” type coming out from the center and creating a t-shirt design kind of look to the picture on screen and the flipping around to another statement or set of words that move around until a statement is formed. Again, people are focusing in on words like 50% faster than fast, low price, saving money is cool. These commercials seem to be young adult centered, people in their early 20s moving out for the first time, young couples, etc; people that are still drawn to graphic T-shirts. The big bummer is that I can’t find examples of these on the web to post. What I did find however was a very dandy, very hand rendered website from Huggies Diapers. Huggie’s has commercials out right now with a cardboard background in some frames with “3D” type that seems hand rendered but not childishly written on the cardboard advertising the Potty Project and they have a website they want you to visit. I want you to visit it too! Here’s a few screen captures from the site that make me smile.

Huggies Screen Shot

bye-bye Diapers

Big Kid

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